Since 1984, Aurum Dental Studio, Inc. has specialized in crafting dental prothestics, including all porcelain, porcelain fused to gold and full gold restorations. Our staff of expertly trained technicians boasts over 60 years of dental laboratory experience. We also hold the distinctive honor of having worked closely with the New Hampshire Chapter of the Gold Foil Study Group for 18 years.

Form Follows Function
We take great pride in ensuring our crowns and bridges have superior fit, and are contoured to allow for proper function of the patient's mouth.  After that, we strive to create anatomical and esthetic beauty - each unit is a custom piece, based on that particular patient's existing anatomy, form, and function.

Small is Big

Aurum prides itself on being a smaller laboratory.  We've been bigger, so we know the difference.  We've processed dentures and provided other services in the past, but have since made the calculated decision to become smaller again.  Being small allows us to specialize in what we do best:  porcelain and gold crown and bridge.  Our size enables us to cater to our doctors' particular needs and preferences.  It also allows each technician to be involved in the entire process - from log in to quality control - at some point in any given day or week. 

We are dedicated to the entire process, which results in a superior product.

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