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Q: Why do you use only high noble and noble metals?

A: We need our metals to produce certain results and perform to specific standards, while helping to best safeguard staff safety. This is why we choose noble and high noble gold for all our full metal and porcelain fused to metal restorations.  We have carefully chosen three different alloys ranging from a yellow 62% gold alloy, to a white 59.9% palladium alloy, to allow our doctors and their patients greater flexiblity in case planning, while helping to assure safe and properly performing crown and bridge. 

Q: How do you ensure proper crown seat and margin fit?

A:  We believe proper seat and fit starts at the beginning – in the mouth. We carefully evaluate each case for any potential obstacles to completing a well fitting crown or bridge.  Then, we apply all layers of wax directly to the prep with a hot instrument.  That way, we can reproduce every contour of the prepared tooth in our wax patterns – thus maximizing retention and reducing rotation of the crown in the mouth.

Q: How important is occlusion to Aurum?

A: Very!  Occlusion is one of our top priorities.  We have attended courses on this matter with our clients and have spent a great deal of study club time devoted to occlusion alone.  We take great care to ensure both occlusal height and contour are functional and esthetic. 

Q: How do you ensure proper contacts?

A: No one wants open contacts, nor contacts that are too tight or placed incorrectly.  While there are certain discipline standards, we find many of our dentists have their own personal preferences on tightness and position of contacts and we cater to them.  We periodically spend time chairside when appropriate, watching and asking questions.

Q: How do you accommodate shade preferences?

A: We welcome custom shades and patient visits for in-lab shades and custom staining.  We also experiment on sample cases with different porcelain brands from time to time, but our favorite remains Noritake for color, durability and versatility.  We also employ various layering techniques, and have created custom shade tabs for our clients so that details such as translucency and “life” in a shade can be communicated more clearly from chairside to laboratory. 


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