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Porcelain Fused To Gold
We use Noritake Porcelain, one of the finest restorative materials available on the market. After careful experimentation with other brands, we've found the color and vitality of the shades to be the most natural and easily manipulated to achieve the desired hue, value and texture.

All Ceramic
We provide greater flexibility with all ceramic options such as Zirlux™, Pearl® and Lava™ Zirconia. 

As a matter of quality and staff safety, we use only noble and high noble metals in our gold restorations and substructures. As a matter of flexibility for doctors and patients when planning a case, we offer three different gold options, ranging from a yellow 62% gold alloy, to a white 59.9% palladium alloy. 

Our staff is well versed in the major implantology systems, and is sensitive to the unique challenges and attention to detail implant cases require.

Precision Attachments
We are equipped to complete cases requiring precision attachments. A senior member of our staff has been trained in the specifics of their use and performance.

We value a close working relationship with our doctors, and quickly recognize their specific style and preferences. That is why we offer professional consultation services over the phone, or in person in designated areas. Our staff is always just a phone call away!

Shipping & Delivery
We offer postage paid, first class business reply labels for your convenience. In designated areas, we will happily pick up and deliver cases directly to your office at no cost to you.

Email Notification
To help track and plan case delivery for our doctors receiving shipments, we send email confirmation the day each case is shipped. 


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