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I have worked with Aurum Dental Studio and Susan Yacavone, in particular, for thirty years.  If you want personal attention given to your cases and want to know who you are talking to when you have questions, concerns or need information, Aurum is the lab for you.  Aurum has always been dedicated to the doctors’ individual needs and is part of the team from prep to seat.  High quality work demands this interaction through thick and thin and they will always be there when you need them.

Roger W. McWilliams, DMD, PhD
Hanover, NH


I have been practicing dentistry in NH and VT for the past 37 years.  I have utilized several crown and bridge laboratories during that time and I can attest that the most consistent quality work has been performed by Aurum Dental Studio.  I have used Aurum Dental exclusively for the past 10 years and you can count the number of remakes on one hand.  The margins are excellent and the occlusion and proximal contacts are exceptional.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding Aurum Dental Lab.

William D. Pamplin, DDS
Claremont, NH


Aurum Dental Studio has been my primary dental laboratory for the past 24 years.  Owner Sue Yacavone and her staff have an excellent understanding of prosthetic dentistry, including occlusion, aesthetics, implant restorations, and restorations with metal and ceramic that goes far beyond the typical dental lab.  Furthermore, Aurum’s knowledge and experience provides the extra advantage of “out of the box” thinking for those unusual or difficult cases that has been invaluable to me over the years.

Aurum’s attention to detail in all aspects of the fabrication process and dedication to the use of superior materials ensures a finished product of unparalleled quality.

Sue’s dedication to continuing education keeps Aurum on the leading edge of dental materials and technology.  In addition her long association with local clinical study groups allows her to share this information with others in our dental community.

Aurum is very approachable and is willing to provide instant feedback when required, making this lab an indispensable and integral part of my dental team.  I would highly recommend Aurum Dental Studio.

Elaine M. Neal, D.M.D.
Hanover, NH


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