Dental Studio - Superior Workmanship
The health and safety of our employees is our top priority. In keeping with OSHA standards, each case is thoroughly disinfected and logged upon arrival at the laboratory.

Wax Up
One of the most vital steps in ensuring proper fit and function of a crown is in the initial wax up of the case. Using current, proven technology and tested methods, our technicians wax, carve, sprue and invest.

Metal Finishing
We take time and care in fitting and grinding the units. Whether it's to finish, or in preparation for porcelain build up, we pay attention to detail.

Building Porcelain
Our porcelain units are highly praised for their color and texture.  We build in a color neutral, full-spectrum lighted atmosphere using Nortiake porcelains.

Quality Control
After each case is completed, we carefully evaluate it on and off the model; with and without magnification; for form, fit, function, and overall quality and appearance. All cases must pass this final test before they leave the laboratory.


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